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Coyote sighting in Fort Lauderdale neighborhood raises concerns

Fort Lauderdale resident spots coyote roaming nearby
Fort Lauderdale resident spots coyote roaming nearby 00:25

FORT LAUDERDALE — While sipping coffee on his dock Sunday morning, Steven Jacobson thought he spotted a large dog on the other side of the Middle River in the back of a Wilton Manors Airbnb. 

Coyote sighting in Fort Lauderdale concerning for residents 02:40

But when he took a cellphone video and got a closer look, he realized it wasn't a dog but a coyote. He saw the same coyote later that afternoon on an adjacent property.

"I want the public to know how far east they've come," he said. 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), coyotes have been spotted in all 67 Florida counties. And, while many sightings are reported in West Broward, it's not often you hear of a sighting far east.

Jacobson lives just feet from Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale — a residential neighborhood. He notified Wilton Manors Police on their non-emergency line and said police told him that they had heard of other sightings. 

"I don't want anything to happen to the coyote. I'm an animal lover but I don't want anyone to get hurt," Jacobson said.

Coyotes in general do not attack humans. If you see one in your yard make noise, wave your arms or spray with a hose to shoo them away. To discourage coyotes from your home, the FWC shared their recommendations: 

  • Secure your trash
  • Feed pets inside 
  • Clean grills 
  • Pick up fruit on the ground

Coyotes are adaptable and prefer open spaces to feed, so the FWC says only call them if the coyote acts aggressively.

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