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Cowboy Hat Wearing Hero To Be Honored For Actions During Boston Bombing

MIAMI (CBS4) – A man who jumped into action after the bombings at the Boston Marathon is in South Florida where he will be honored for his heroics.

One of the most iconic images from that day show a cowboy-hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo, 52, carrying Jeff Bauman to medical help after one of the bombs shattered both of Bauman's legs below the knees.

Arredondo was watching the race in honor of his son who was killed in Iraq in 2004. That same year he made headlines when he set himself and a van on fire outside his Hollywood home after learning of his son's death.

Recently, however, he's been getting a lot of attention for what he did in Boston.

On the day of the bombing, Arredondo jumped into action, moved barricades, to aid Bauman after the blast.

"I did what I could. I tried to save his life," Arredondo told CBS4's Lauren Pastrana.

Arredondo and Bauman hadn't met before the incident but the two have been reunited since.

"He's in such great spirits right now," Arredondo said. "The family is so supportive of him."

Before visiting Bauman, Arredondo collected signatures and notes from well-wishers.

"It takes a certain person to do something like that," said Boston police officer Javier Pagan. "Like I say 'these are our everyday heroes'. The people who run in and do the stuff they did."

Arredondo, a peace activist and a member of the Red Cross, said he hopes that the people present that day seek the counseling necessary to cope with the dramatic images they witnessed. He would also like to see more people receive training in first-aid so they can be prepared to respond in case of emergency.

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