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COVID uptick being felt across South Florida as CDC recommends taking added precautions

MIAMI – We are not alone. Across the nation there is a noticeable uptick in the COVID positivity rate.

Here in South Florida, Miami-Dade and Broward are now under a high risk of COVID community transmission.

According to Dr. Aileen Marty, "We have been at high risk for a while now."

So how's all that go down in the street, where folks have gotten used to not wearing masks? Not so well with Bob Wolf of Broward County, who told CBS4, "I have had COVID twice although being double vaccinated and I am kind of over it."

The facts are Broward is flirting with an almost 22% positivity rate and Miami-Dade trails at 18%, but hospitalizations remain low.

Marty, who is FIU's well-respected infectious disease specialist, says, "A lot of people, especially in South Florida, go indoors because it is too hot out of doors, and that sets up a crowded indoor space, which leads to higher transmission."

With 68% of the Florida population vaccinated, the hope is the virus won't run rampant, maybe cases milder and hospitalization kept at a minimum as there are more tools at play to combat COVID.

Speaking of those who have still not gotten vaccinated or a booster shot, "If they were wondering whether they should get their next booster and they have been putting it off now is the time," says Dr. Marty.

Matt Sweatman was pumping gas and ready to go into the service station convenience market, saying, "I am concerned. I have a mask in my vehicle. When I go inside, I am going to put mine on. I am concerned about people who don't care anymore."

Dr. Marty agrees, saying, "If you are going to be indoors in a crowded pace in a setting, it makes sense to put that mask back on."

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