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Cousins Separated By Holocaust Reunite In So Fla.

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - More than 60 years after they were separated by concentration camps during the Holocaust and World War II, a South Florida man was finally reunited with his long-lost cousin.

The tearful reunion between Saul Dreier and his cousin Lucy Weinberg happened Thursday night in Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

"I knew she was alive. My feeling was she's alive. Where? Australia? New Zealand? Canada? Israel? I didn't know where until the Red Cross," said Dreier.

Dreier has been looking for Weinberg since the end of the war with no success. Recently, he contacted the American Red Cross for help. The agency was able to find Weinberg through its Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center. The center poured over records from more than 180 Red Cross societies for any clues they could find about Lucy Weinberg.

"Me and her now are survivors. Until now. I was the only one surviving. A family of over 35 people, everybody perished only me and her survived," said Dreier.

The cousins say they look forward to more sleepless nights, but this time, it's to catch up on lost time.

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