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Family Gets Clearer Picture On Hollywood Toddler's Final Hours

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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) - The family of a Hollywood toddler found dead was seen leaving the police department after getting an update from investigators on the toddler's tragic fate on Tuesday.

"Where they found him, how they found him and abdominal trauma, bleeding," said the victim's grandfather Kenneth Tommie.

They were heartbreaking details for three-year old Ahziaya Osceola's grandfather, mother and other family members to hear.

All this as investigators now have a clearer picture of the final hours of a Hollywood toddler whose body was found hidden in his family's home.

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Last Thursday, a missing child alert was issued for three-year old Ahziaya Osceola. The boy's stepmother, Analiz Osceola, told police she went in to wake her son around 10:30 a.m. and he was missing. She also told police that her wallet and money were missing from the home, so police considered abduction a possibility, according to court documents.

Crime scene investigators were called to the home to question the family and that's when things began to unravel. They found Ahziya's body in a garbage bag in a box in the laundry room.

On further questioning, Osceola reportedly told investigators what had really happened.

Analiz Osceola
Analiz Osceola (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

Osceola said Thursday morning she was asleep in the same room with her son Cameron, 5, and Ahziya when she heard him grunting, according to investigators. When she got up to check on him he was "slightly cold to the touch, but still warm," according to court documents.

Osceola said she put him on the floor and attempted to do CPR. She then tried to get him to drink some Pedialyte. She reportedly told investigators that she decided this wasn't a good idea and tried to get him to vomit the fluid by sticking her finger down his throat. She again performed CPR and could get a pulse, according to court documents.

Osceola said she didn't tell her mother, Anubis, who was sleeping in another room what was going on even though her mother is a nurse. She said she put Ahziya back in bed.

When the boy's father, Nelson Osceola, came home about 10 minutes later, Analiz didn't say anything about their son, according to court documents.

When both her mother and husband left the home around 7 a.m., Osceola put a garbage bag over Ahziay's head, and a second over his lower body, and put him in the box, according to court documents. She then waited four hours to report him missing.

When the boy was located, investigators noted he had extensive bruising from head to toe and that his stomach was distended and bloated.  Osceola reportedly told them the bruised came from her son constantly running into things and bumping his head because he was clumsy.

Ramona Genoa, a close friend of the family who spent a lot of time with the child, said Tuesday that she's heartbroken to learn he was likely abused.

"Little baby, you beat him, beat him, beat him. He can do nothing for himself," she said.

Investigators say Osceola, who is two months pregnant, had thoughts of suicide since Ahziya's seven month old sister, Candy, was only two months old.

Osceola was involuntarily taken into custody for a psychological evaluation under the Baker Act.

Police say both Nelson and Analiz Osceola tested positive for marijuana at the time of the incident.

Investigators say Ahziya's biological mother, who has an extensive police history, lost custody of him a year ago after she was found intoxicated and passed out in a hotel room as the boy wandered throughout the hotel.

During a court hearing Monday, a judge ordered that Candy Osceola and Analiz's son, Cameron Rodezno, be given to Carlene Osceola for temporary custody.

As the investigation into this innocent little boy's death continues, his family wants two things.

"We're looking for closure.  That's all and some justice and it's a long process," said Tommie.

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