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Coronavirus Relief: Gloria & Emilio Estefan Feeding Health Care Workers, First Responders

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - They're packing up and rolling out of Estefan Kitchen in the Miami Design District, taking 500 free meals daily to health care workers and first responders.

Restaurant owners, Gloria and Emilio Estefan told CBS4's Lisa Petrillo they saw the need.

"We thought let's put these kitchens to work. We had our chefs because we also have to be ready to reopen. We can't start from scratch. So we didn't want to have these people lose their jobs and we wanted to be helpful to those people who are really sacrificing their health and their families for all of us. The first responders are the people that are on the front lines and we wanted to at least offer them healthy meals while they're working so hard for all of us," Gloria Estefan said.

The meals will go to Jackson Memorial Hospital, Baptist Health, City of Miami Police Department, Miami Beach Police, and Miami Beach Fire Rescue.

"Sometimes it's not just writing a check. It's the things you can do to really help the doctors and nurses and the volunteers. To be able to feed them is really important because this is about everyone and there are so many people doing so many great things. That is a great message to the world," said Emilio Estefan.

Earlier this month, Gloria went viral with her message-when she re-wrote her mega-hit song from 30 years ago "Get on your Feet" and revamped it to say "Put on your Masks."

"I chose that song. Not only did it fit "put on your mask" with "get on your feet," but I knew that the message and the feeling of the song is an empowerment song. It's a get-up and do what's hard. Get up and do it," said Gloria.

As for the meals, the Estefans say they are providing an array of classic Cuban dishes as well as vegan options to the first responders, doing their best to satisfy every appetite.

"So we're very, very happy to contribute because what they do is so important and risky and we want to show our appreciation, whatever way we can and this is a way we can do it," Gloria said.

The health care workers and first responders will receive their free meals for at least the next 30's days.

Estefan hospitality's motto is "to serve mankind" and they are certainly staying true to that.

The Estefans also gave a special thanks to their partners Iris & Michael Smith, Joseph Milton & The Gary Nader Art Centre. The "To Serve Mankind Online Auction," curated from the art collection of Gary Nader, will be live on April 21st. Portions of the proceeds from this auction will benefit the "To Serve Mankind" meal program. For more information on the auction contact:

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