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Coronavirus Impact: Miami Lakes Families Get Help At Food Distribution Site

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Neighbors4Neighbors partnered with Farm Share at Miami Lakes United Methodist Church on Saturday to help fill the vehicle trunks of families that have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus.

Pastor Stuart Bodin said, "This is a place we like to call hope. We're offering a lot of it."

Bodin and others helped load up milk, eggs, fresh fruit, and other food items into this long line of cars.

They were out there until the food ran out.

"Feeding cars filled with families today. It's incredible. This need is still going on two months later but it's growing," said Katy Meagher with Neighbors4Neighbors.

Food was not the only thing distributed at this drive-thru, gift cards were also given out.

"We're not only feeding their bellies but we're trying to help them financially with gift cards and that's where our donations are going," said, Meagher.

Pastor Bodin says right now we are stuck in a place between survival and revival and is proud of the way so many volunteers have come together to help bridge the gap.

"This is what America is supposed to look like. We're expecting people to work together in a crisis when times are tough. When the pressures on we've done it in a way most people wouldn't expect."

Click here if you would like to make a donation to Neighbors4Neighbors.


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