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Coral Springs Man Finds Snake Slithering In His Toilet

CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) -- It's probably not what you want to encounter when you use the bathroom first thing in the morning but a Coral Springs man got the scare of a lifetime after discovering a snake slithering around his toilet.

Coral Springs Snake
Ball python found in a toilet in Coral Springs (Courtesy: Coral Springs Fire Department)

According to Coral Springs police spokesman Chris Swinson, the Coral Springs Humane Unit was called to an apartment building in the 26-hundred block of Riverside Drive around 4:00 a.m. Sunday after a resident discovered a three-foot python either trying to exit or enter his toilet.

The snake was later identified as a nonvenomous Ball Python.

It was captured and taken to a reptile center.

It is not known how the snake got into the toilet but Swinson said it may have belonged to a former tenant and may have been loose in the plumbing system.

According to snake experts, the sleek and slithery reptiles feel more comfortable in tight, dark spaces.



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