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Convicted Killer Dayonte Resiles Sentenced To Life In Murder Of Jill Halliburton Su

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – On Friday, the family of Jill Halliburton Su, got the chance to address Dayonte Resiles, the man convicted of killing her in 2014.

"The real evil looks like that," said Su's husband Dr. Nan-Yao Su, while pointing at Resiles. "That is the face of evil sitting there and evil like you should not be allowed to roam among us."

Resiles was sentenced to life in prison for Su's murder.

She was stabbed 25 times and left bound in a hot bathtub.

DNA evidence linked Resiles to the scene.

"At that moment, the loving mother of 2, devoted wife of me, and the very giving, forgiving person is nothing but a piece of meat on a chopping block in front of you. You killed her with cold blood," Dr. Su said.

Su's son Justin did not hold back in addressing Resiles. "The only person on the entire planet that knows the last words of my mother is that psychopath right there. We'll never know what it was, she was probably screaming in pain," Justin Su said.

He's the one who found his mother after she was killed. Justin described her as everyone did, a kind, generous woman who lived her life to help others saying she would have even help resiles had he asked.

"She would have dropped everything and just made a whole plan to try to figure out what's wrong with you, how to help you. That's the type of person you stabbed 25 times, to death," he said.

Resiles addressed the Su family, saying he was raised with principles and morals. "I would never take a wife from her husband, I would never take a mother from her child," Resiles said.

He repeatedly mentioned he's already spent more than 7 years in jail — has been reflective and said he could never commit a crime like this.

"They alleged 25 times Mrs. SU was stabbed. That's beyond my comprehension. I don't possess the hate and rage inside my heart to commit such a heinous crime," he said.

Su's family agreed to take the death penalty off the table in this case, saying it's not what Su would have wanted.

"After this today, Dayonte Resiles, I'm going to erase you from my memory. In my mind you are persona non grata. You do not exist. And we're going to make sure we live happily for the rest of our lives while you rot in jail," Dr. Su said.

Resiles' family said he plans to appeal.

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