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Commissioners Fail To Override Mayor Gimenez's Veto That Would Have Prevented Formula 1 In Miami Gardens

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The future of Formula 1 racing and it's estimated $400 million dollar impact on Miami-Dade County went before the county commission Tuesday with a vote on whether or not to override a Mayoral veto that essentially kept racing on track to head to Miami Gardens.

In a 7-5 decision, commissioners sided with the mayor, the motion to override his veto failed. This happened after an impassioned plea by commissioner Barbara Jordan who represents Miami Gardens.

"I'm pleading to you don't let this go down in my community don't do that I would not do it to you," she said.

The debate has been raging over the race track since organizers turned their sights away from downtown Miami in April and towards Miami Gardens to the dismay of many residents there.

Miami Gardens residents filled the commission chambers upset, many arguing the site is not suitable for a race track, that the area proposed around Dolphin's home Hard Rock Stadium would make for traffic noise and pollution nightmare.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez said sustaining his veto would simply buy more time to address the concerns.

"This race isn't until May of 2021, let me repeat that again isn't until May of 2021 sustaining my veto buys 3 to 6 months so that we can at least get the parties together and the parties that are involved so we can continue to work toward a solution, said Gimenez.

The reaction was swift.

"I take what the Mayor said at face value but that's not the way that things have happened, the Dolphins announced the race track, the mayor said the race was a good thing and was gonna happen, nowhere in that was hey let's talk about how we mitigate the concerns for sound and air pollution and traffic on the community that bears the burden so if people are really interested in compromise you shouldn't speak in conclusions they should ask questions," said Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert.

Miami-Dade commissioner released the following statement, "I want to continue the Formula One conversation, and the veto allows for the conversation to continue."

"After today's vote, it is evident that Miami-Dade County needs additional time to understand the impacts of the race. We need to keep negotiations on the table and, ultimately, residents must have the final say. Additionally, while I strongly support F1 in Miami-Dade County, I will continue to vote against tax subsidies given to the Dolphins organization for signature events. I look forward to more community involvement in the process."

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