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Commission Looks To Ban Low-Riding Banana Peel Bikes, Tents From Hollywood Beach

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Hollywood Beach is a popular place. Last year alone, more than 6.2 million people visited.  

Many of those people enjoy the Broadwalk on 2-wheel bikes, 3-wheel "banana peel bikes," and 4-wheel bikes called surreys, not to mention roller blades and roller skates.  

The city was looking at possibly tightening the rules.

"If it gets too upscale and snooty or whatever, it's not going to be the same place," said visitor Phil Corzine.

The initial call from police was to ban anything, but two-wheeled bikes, not too popular with many.

Cassie McCracken and her kids rented Banana Peel Bike. "This is our second day renting. I've had so much fun with them. We rented them again. It's been super fun for us," she said.

In the end, commissioners voted to ban those low-riding banana peel bikes that are controlled and steered with your body and it will limit all bikes to 48 inches wide or smaller. That means surreys and adult tricycles will be allowed.

Police point out tents on the beach are a safety hazard, making it difficult to see what's going on and making it difficult for police to maneuver.

Showing a video of tents lined up on the beach District 1 Commissioner Caryl Shuham said,  "I see every weekend the police ATV'S unable to get from point a to point b, what I'm showing you here," she said.

Residents chimed in too. "The type of tents that we're sometimes seeing, what I call 'Campground Tents' should not be at our beach, they belong in a campground," one resident said.

The commission voted to ban tents, but will allow canopies with no sides, they must be at least 10 feet apart. Umbrellas will be allowed as well as infant tents.

The commission was also looking at roller blades and roller skates.  

Police suggested getting rid of them, the commission voted to allow both on the Broadwalk.

Commissioners voted to close the actual beach, the sand, between midnight and 5 a.m.

This is not a done deal yet, because the commission made so many changes to the original proposal, they'll have to take it up again next month.

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