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Colorful Character Arrested For Stolen Car In The Keys

TAVERNIER (CBSMiami) – A Miami woman, who police say was hitting a BMW with a bungee cord while threatening high school students with a rock, was arrested Friday morning after authorities discovered the car she was driving was stolen.

Elizabeth Quintana, 43, was first reported by Assistant Principal Blake Fry of Coral Shores High School at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Fry told School Resource Deputy Larry O'Neill that the woman had white substance all over her face and was hitting a white BMW with a bungee cord and threatening students with a rock.

O'Neill called for assistance but by the time deputies had arrived, the car had left the school's campus.

Shortly after, they found the reported car parked blocking a lane of the highway.

Police said Quintana was outside of her car, dancing in the grass near Coral Isles Church.

Quintana was dressed in "strange clothing" that was damp, and had the white substance on her face which may be a kind of theater paint. Police said Quintana said something they didn't quite understand about "Disney." Also, there were random things written in pink marker all over the white car.

When police checked, they realized the vehicle, which had run out of gas, had been reported stolen in Miami on Thursday.

Quintana, whose occupation is listed as an artist, is being charged with grand theft, trespassing on school grounds and disorderly conduct.

A man who was inside the vehicle with Quintana was released after he told police he did not know the driver, that she had picked him up to give him a ride to Key West.

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