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Color On Campus Meant To Inspire Students

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MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) –  There is some color on campus at Carol City Middle School, including murals up to 25-feet tall, painted to encourage and inspire.

Through another form of art, students helped unveil the three month long project called "Art in the Gardens."

Over the summer, the school enlisted the support of local street artists who gave their time and talents to revamp the campus.

"The message is loud and clear that you matter and we care about you," said Artist and Curator Hec One Love.

It took more than 30 artists to beautify the schools once barren walls. Now, they are covered with images of love, culture, and motivation. It's a sense of pride for students.

"It makes our school recognizable and it draws attention," said sixth grader Jamiyah Reed.

Carol City Middle School Beautification
There is some color on campus at Carol City Middle School, including murals up to 25-feet tall have been painted to encourage and inspire. (Source: CBS4)

"Every blank wall in our community represents a blank canvas in our community. Through art, there's inspiration. There is a representation of the dignity of humanity," said Miami-Dade Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

In a neighborhood struggling with youth violence, the art is meant to teach students the significance of self-expression and transformation to inspire and to serve as a symbol of hope for the kids and the community.

"That's inspirational to me because it helps me understand that if I go to school, I can learn more stuff," said Reed.

"So this art is going to go a long way in terms of inspiring young boys and girls through a very positive meaningful message that transcends the regular school day, said Carvalho.

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