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CBS4 Exclusive: Miami-Dade Officer Comes To Aid Of Family Down On Their Luck

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami-Dade police officer carried out his commitment to protect and serve by coming to the aid of a family  down on their luck.

Officer Jose DeLeon was on a call at the Miami Greyhound station near the airport when he saw a man, his wife and their four children looking distressed.

The man told Officer DeLeon that he and his family had been kicked out of their South Florida relative's home.

They had no money for food, shelter or tickets back to michigan.

That's when Officer DeLeon rallied his fellow officers to help.

"I was super proud of them. They all chipped in with personal funds and like I said we were able to give it to the mother. She started to cry, the father started to cry and we even started to cry, and were just happy to be able to do that for them," DeLeon said.

The officers also got the family to the Chapman Project Homeless Center where they'll stay for the rest of the weekend.

The people at Chapman also secured plane tickets to get this family back to Michigan on Monday.

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