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CBS4 Exclusive: Boy, 12, speaks out after being shot at NW Miami-Dade bus stop

Boy, 12, speaks out after being shot at NW Miami-Dade bus stop
Boy, 12, speaks out after being shot at NW Miami-Dade bus stop 03:05

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE - A 12-year-old boy is speaking out for the first time after he says a teenager shot him at a school bus stop last Thursday morning after demanding his cell phone.

The 6th grader said he was waiting for a bus to take him to Madison Middle School when the incident happened.

In an exclusive interview with CBS4's Peter D'Oench, the victim, Josue Camuse said he had a message for the shooter, "I'd like to say it is not a good idea to shoot kids with guns. I think it is stupid to rob some kid for his phone."

Camuse said, "When I was in the ambulance and falling asleep, I tried my hardest not to fall asleep because I thought I was going to die if I fell asleep." 

"Me and my friend were waiting for a bus and then this guy comes up to us and asked me for my phone. I had a regular phone, but my friend, he had an iPhone. So, he went for my friend. The gun wasn't loaded so he loaded it and said give me your phone and if you don't I will do you for real. And then my friend kind of backed up so he went in front and he took out his gun and backed up and then he shot us."

Camuse showed CBS4 his cell phone and described his injuries.

"I am good," he said, "but the bullet is still in my leg. I can feel it move sometimes." He said the bullet struck his upper left thigh.

Camuse needs a crutch in order to walk. His left hand also has a bandage over it.

"I got hit right here and it came out right here and my arm was like this where the bullet came through here. The 2nd bullet missed me. The shot broke this bone here in my hand. It only hurts at night. My pinkie hurts. I am upset about what happened because I can't use my left arm. I can only use the other one."

Camuse said he may need some surgery for his left hand and he is not sure when he'll be able to return to school.

D'Oench spoke with Camuse with his mother present at their home on Monday. 

Camuse had been rushed to the Ryder Trauma Center last Thursday morning after Miami-Dade police said both Camuse and 12-year-old Angel Campos were shot just before 8 a.m. at the bus stop at N.W. 10th Ave. and 109th St.

A 16-year-old suspect, police said was armed with two handguns and a rifle, was apprehended nearby and is now being held in secure detention pending a hearing on September 29th. 

He faces 7 charges including attempted felony murder with a weapon which can carry a life sentence upon conviction and the suspect could be charged as an adult. That decision with be made by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office.

The suspect's mother told a judge at a juvenile justice court hearing on Zoom on Friday that her son did not deserve to be charged as an adult.

She twice said her son was "incompetent" and she said she had begged the courts and a judge for help for her son, but was not able to get him into any program that would help him.

Angel Campos left Jackson Memorial Hospital late Friday afternoon and returned home.

His mother told D'Oench that her son did not want to speak about the shooting. 

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