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CBS News Miami Exclusive: Miami detective stops attack on homeless man

CBS News Miami Exclusive: Miami detective stops attack on homeless man
CBS News Miami Exclusive: Miami detective stops attack on homeless man 02:32

MIAMI - CBS News Miami has obtained exclusive surveillance video of a Miami Police detective stopping a robbery and attack on a homeless man and the detective's intervention may have stopped the victim from being seriously injured.

The video obtained by CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench shows some dramatic images from the incident that happened on Flagler Street near 10th Ave. just after 9 a.m. on Thursday.

The surveillance tape shows the suspect pulling off his shirt and lunging at and trying to punch the victim and robbing him and also shows the detective with his weapon drawn ordering the suspect to surrender and getting down to the ground.

Police spokesman, officer Mike Vega said, "We hear people saying when something is happening, I wish a cop could be around. I wish a cop could be around. In this case a cop was around. This is a perfect example of being in the right place at the right and this officer was commended for doing that."

Vega said the victim was walking down the street by the detective's unmarked car when the suspect started following him and demanded money from the victim.

Vega said, "The man said give me your money and the victim started screaming police, police and that's when we see the suspect taking off his shirt and he wants to rob him. He actually goes in to his pockets and takes out 6 dollars and a social security card and some business cards. The officer hears the victim saying police, police and looks back and at one point thinks the guy is being stabbed."

"So the officer comes out with his gun in his hand and tells the subject, get on the ground, get on the ground and when he realizes the suspect is not armed he switches from his firearm to the taser and orders him down. The suspect complies and he is arrested. Basically, this is a strong arm robbery. The guy wants to fight him and he wants to beat him to get his money. All he had was $6 and we are talking about a person who is homeless and this is probably all he had for the week."

"Both of these men are homeless and this was incomprehensible what happened here."

Police say the suspect Carlos Alberto Rabelo was charged with strong arm robbery.

D'Oench also caught up with the detective, who was listed in the arrest report as C. Calzadilla.

Calzadilla is a detective in the Robbery Unit and said he works the off-duty detail near the Lincoln Marti Charter School once a week.

He said he is 46 years old and has been with Miami Police for 9 years.

He said, "I was glad I was there and glad I helped him." 

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