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CBS News Miami Exclusive: Miami Lakes woman says same 2 dogs return to kill her cats

Miami Lakes woman says same 2 dogs return to kill her cats
Miami Lakes woman says same 2 dogs return to kill her cats 02:38

MIAMI LAKES - A beleaguered Miami Lakes homeowner says the same two dogs returned to her home last month to kill one of her precious cats.

Silvia says it was hard enough losing her precious cat Rosy on October 22nd of last year. She says the same two dogs were captured on her Ring cam video on March 12th, less than 5 months later, returning to her home at N.W. 87th Ave. and 139th St. and taking the life of her brown tabby named Junior and then going to her daughter Jessica's home nearby and killing her black and white cat named Lucy.

Silvia and Jessica, who did not want to use their last names, shared the video exclusively with CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench.

Silvia said, "These two malicious dogs entered my backyard and killed my handicapped cat. I screamed 'no' at the dogs. Let go of the cat and they broke her neck and paralyzed her completely. She could not move. I called 911."

Silvia wept as she said, "I was in shock and terrified. It was in my private backyard and this dog looked like a mix of a wolf. I will never forget his mouth. I will never forget his teeth and face. It was so traumatizing."

She said, "The cops came by and picked up the dogs and I believe they were taken to Animal Control and euthanized and I felt relief that they would never come back again."

"Then," she said, "on March 12th of 2023, they came back again and killed my cat Junior. That was my emotional cat and they were viciously tearing him apart. And then they went 2 houses down and killed Lucy. Lucy gave a heck of a fight but it was 2 dogs against one cat."

Lucy was owned by her daughter Jessica who said, "Lucy was found dead when I went outside to throw out trash with my son and I saw Lucy lying dead in the driveway. The same dog that killed Rosy came back and killed my cat. I was horrified. Now, I am really concerned because next time the dogs could come back to the park and kill a child or harm a child. I just want the dogs taken away, taken away for sure."

Silvia said, "I feel violated because this never should have happened. I would like to see the owners face criminal charges because this is animal cruelty. They let them loose and they knew they were out and they didn't stop it."

CBS News Miami was not able to make contact with the owners of the dogs.

Silvia says she has hired an attorney.

A spokeswoman said MIami-Dade Animal Services was looking into this case. 

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