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CBD Oil Infused Massages Gaining In Popularity

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, can be found in just about everything these days.  CBD oil is derived from cannabis, but it does not contain the chemical that gets you high.

Many purport that it relieves stress, anxiety, and helps both people and pets. And now it's gaining popularity as it is being used to maximize the benefits of massage too.

Scott Coff is a pretty active retiree. He does a lot of weight lifting, practices yoga, spinning and long distance walking. All of this exercise keeping him fit also leads to some tendinitis in his elbow as well as shoulder and back issues.

He tried a lot of things like anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, physical therapy, and then he read up on the benefits of CBD oil coupled with massage and decided to give it a try.  He says over time it made a big difference.

CBD Oil Massage

"The symptoms were somewhat relieved from these ongoing massages with CBD oil which really helped me a great deal, it's the only signs of improvement for me."

Coff is a guest at the Spa at Auberge in Fort Lauderdale Beach. The spa offers CBD oil in treatments along with an array of leading-edge services. Some are steeped in ancient tradition, like a massage table filled with warm quartz crystals, similar to Egyptian sand therapy.

Heloisa Melo is the lead therapist here. She explains how CBD can be included in any service.

"We use a warm CBD oil on the body, the oil has very small molecules which penetrates all the layers of the skin, goes to the circulatory system healing and helping the muscular system."

CBD Oil Massage

Melo says that as a therapist she feels the CBD oil make a difference in her hands.

Yoga instructor Pam Butler is another believer, a guest at the spa receiving the treatment.

"I live, sleep, eat yoga, I live sleep eat wellness in general. I do have a sore body, because I've been athletic all my life."

Butler notes the difference in relief of muscle pain, and overall calming feeling with the massage paired with CBD oil.

CBD Oil Massage

"I literally feel like my body has just gone on vacation."

While we are hearing about CBD so often, we can point out to date only one CBD product, a prescription drug for epilepsy, has been approved by the FDA.  If you are treating a serious injury, it is best to seek a doctor's advice.

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