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Caught on video: 2 teens brutally attacked near SLAM! Miami charter school; 7 arrested in connection

7 arrested after 2 teens attacked at SLAM! charter school in Little Havana
7 arrested after 2 teens attacked at SLAM! charter school in Little Havana 00:22

MIAMI - Miami police are investigating an attack on two youngsters near a charter school on Thursday afternoon and the brutal assault was captured on cell phone video.

2 teens brutally attacked near SLAM! Miami charter school 02:17

Police say it happened near the Slam Charter School on N.W. 12th Ave. and 5th St. and the cell phone video shows the youngsters being repeatedly kicked and punched. The most seriously injured person was a 15-year-old boy who was transported to the hospital with cuts on his face and authorities say he is now in stable condition.

Police will try to determine if any charges will be filed. Police could not say if those involved were students. On Saturday evening, police told CBS News Miami that seven arrests were made in connection to the attack.

CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench spoke with one student who witnessed the attack. Because of his age, we are not identifying him, but he said, "They were kicking the kids. What I saw was really messed up. I don't think they should do that to kids. The kids that did that should face charges. What upsets me the most is that they were left unconscious."

We also spoke with Jemesis Garcia, another student, with her father's permission.

She said, "Because of those fighting the 2 kids ended up at the hospital. All I can is I have prayers for them and I hope they are OK."

Some parents said they had heard about the incident and felt they should go to the school early on Friday to pick up their children before school let out.

Laura Colina said, "I am concerned and I am here to pick them up. I am not sure what happened but I sure hope they can solve this and figure out what happened."

CBS News Miami reached out to the SLAM Charter school for a comment but did not hear back.

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