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Caught on video: $800,000 taken from North Miami-Dade jewelry store

Caught on video: $800,000 taken from North Miami-Dade jewelry store
Caught on video: $800,000 taken from North Miami-Dade jewelry store 02:09

MIAMI - Brazen burglars go to great lengths to make sure they do not leave empty-handed. Two thieves got away with close to a million dollars worth of jewelry and were caught on camera while doing so. 

In the store's surveillance video, you see the two thieves in hoodies and with their faces covered inside a north Miami-Dade jewelry store early Monday morning. 

According to the owner, the crooks made their way into his business at NW 186 St. and 75 Avenue through the nail salon next door.

"It was easy just to get in no alarm no security nothing they made a hole, and they went to my store," said store owner Oscar Zegarra.

According to the owner, it took them several hours to actually get into his business. He says they broke in next door at 2 a.m. and at 6 a.m. were inside his store.  

In the surveillance video, you first see one of the thieves opening to door from the inside,  then the second masked suspect walks in with some type of metal wire. Then, they lasso the massive safe and yank it right out the door.

"That was my nightmare for 12 years. That was my nightmare. Always thinking that something like that could happen and it happened today," said Zegarra.

Zegarra says they used a pick truck to pull the safe that contained almost his entire inventory $800,000' worth of jewelry and cash.

"Sad for all my employees. Everybody came to work today to make good money, but it will be the worst," said Zegarra.

Zegarra says in his 12 years he has never been targeted and unfortunately it happened now during his busiest time.

"This is for us is a high season when we make the most profit from the bad season we just had, and this has happened it's crazy."

Zegarra says the alarm never went off. In the safe, he says there were Rolexes, diamond necklaces, Cuban link chains and $80 thousand in cash. 

He says he does have insurance, however does not know how much it will cover. If you have any information, call Miami-Dade police.

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