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Catching Up With Former Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - On July 4th, Kendrick Norton's football career was changed forever, after a terrible car accident left him seriously injured and his arm had to be amputated.

But a month later, Norton's grateful to be alive.

The former Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins defensive tackle stopped by the CBS4 studio on Sunday, to have a chat with sports anchors Jim Berry and Mike Cugno about his life after the crash and staying positive, something Norton is trying to get through one step at a time.

"I'm doing well. I'm doing the best I can, taking it day by day and just keeping a positive outlook on things and just looking to help people," Norton said on CBS4's Sports Desk.

Norton understands he likely won't be able to play football again, but that hasn't stopped him from staying involved with his former team.

He stopped by Dolphins training camp on August 6th to give his teammates moral support and he was named the honorary captain for the Fins first preseason game of 2019, which ended with a 34-27 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on August 8.

Norton's happy to feel like he's still a part of the team.

norton at preseason game

"It's been great. Coach Flores being able to allow me to continue to be able to come around and still feel like I'm part of the team," Norton said. "They make me feel included in everything. I still get updates on everything that's going on in the facility, with the team and everything. Coach Flores keeps me very involved with the team, so I really enjoy it."

The Jacksonville native also makes sure to stay productive outside of the sport with a YouTube channel he started with his girlfriend Kira.

'Ken & Kira New Beginnings' follows the couples journey through adversity and it lets people know how they're doing and improving every day.

ken & kira
(Courtesy of Kendrick Norton)

"Just to show everyone that from something that could have been so tragic and could've been so life changing in a negative way, emotionally and spiritually. We're still doing everything that we were doing before, still happy, still can laugh. We still can smile and just realize how blessed we are everyday," Norton said. "That's really the sole purpose of the YouTube channel, just letting everyone come see us on a day to day basis and let us know that we're doing okay and that we're still having fun and being us."

And if Kendrick slacks off, Kira's right there to straighten him up.

"She's keeping me humble. She gives me no breaks. She's on my case all the time about chores and all that kind of stuff. I tell her I'm not emotionally ready for chores just yet. I tell her give me some slack, but she's still on my case," said Norton.

The accident may have changed Norton's life forever, but he's making sure that wherever it goes from here, it'll be on his terms.

No matter where life takes him now, how Norton has handled these obstacles has made him nothing short of an inspiration.

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