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'Cat Was In Between Fabric And Concrete': UM Fan Who Saved #HardRockCat Recalls Near Cat-Astrophe

MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) -- A cat-astrophe was avoided over the weekend at Hard Rock Stadium as University of Miami football fans turned into players of their own as a feline plummeted toward them.

Season ticket holder Craig Cromer made the impromptu catch with the help of an American flag.

Watch Falling Feline Video here:


Videos of the fall took social media by storm and even coined the hashtag #HardRockCat.

"My wife and I looked upward, and we could see a cat was in between the fabric and the concrete and it looked like they were trying to save the cat from above which was actually driving the cat further downward to get away from them," said Cromer.

The cat appeared to be okay after that near fifty-foot fall.

"My wife, she always takes the American flag with us, and she zip ties it to the handrail in front of us, so we ripped the flag of the handrail and I held one end and she held another," recalled Cromer.

While this story has a paw-sitive ending, the cat's whereabouts remain a mystery at least for now.

"Have you heard anything about whose cat this might be or anything like that," asked CBS4's Austin Carter.

"There's not one interview that we've done where that question wasn't asked, and I'm sure it will continue to get asked until we find that cat," responded Cromer.

Cromer said the tradition of bringing an American flag will not change at the next Hurricanes game, but he and his wife will likely retire the one used to catch the cat and will put it in a display box.

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