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Casadonna dishes up delicious coastal Italian-style cuisine

Taste Of The Town: Enjoy coastal Italian-style cuisine at Casadonna in Edgewater
Taste Of The Town: Enjoy coastal Italian-style cuisine at Casadonna in Edgewater 03:17

MIAMI — Last October's grand opening set the tone for what has become Miami's hottest spot - Casadonna.

Nestled in Edgewater, this glamorous waterfront destination sprawls across 20,000 square feet of indoor, outdoor, and bar seating.

It's the brainchild of Miami's own David Grutman of Groot Hospitality and Noah Tepperberg from Tao Group Hospitality. Best friends for 25 years, Casadonna marks their first venture together — a homecoming for Noah, a University of Miami graduate.

"I waited 25 years to come back and open something in the town of my alma mater," Tepperberg said. "As a New Yorker, Miami is like a second home, but it was definitely a great homecoming to return after all these years."

"And what a way to arrive, on a gilded chariot like Casadonna," he added.

The landmark building was formerly the Miami Women's Club.

" I mean, the bones of this space were unbelievable," Grutman said. "You're sitting in what used to be a parking lot, and it took us seven years to achieve this."

Casadonna is now reaping the rewards. Reservations are hard to come by, a testament to the vision these entrepreneurs shared from day one.

"It's sexy. It's got a great vibe. People just love hanging out here; they sit for hours. When they're done eating, they want to go to the bar and spend the whole night here," Tepperberg said.

"That's a problem for us too because people don't want to leave their table,"

At CBS News Miami's table, there's a plethora of plates highlighting Casadonna's special coastal Italian-style cuisine. 

We begin with tuna tartare and tomato conserva, topped with caviar.

"Some truffle creme fraiche, and then it's topped with caviar. What could go wrong with that?" Tepperberg joked.

"What could go wrong with caviar?" laughed Lisa Petrillo. "I can tell it's really special, high-quality caviar as well. A very elegant appetizer."

Next up was a delicious fish called Arata "Acqua Pazza," stuffed with shrimp, clams, fennel, and basil, then an out-of-this-world Spaghetti Nero with lobster, shrimp, and clams. Finally, Campanile Bolognese, homemade pasta with whipped ricotta cheese.

"The texture of the pasta is perfect, al dente, not overcooked, and the meat gives it a warm hug," Petrillo said. 

"It's like a warm explosion of flavor," Tepperberg said.

"I mean, I love a meat sauce. So for me, it's just a nice hearty, great pasta," Grutman added.

They end on a dessert called Delizie al Limone, crack it open, and inside is white chocolate mousse and pistachios.

 "Stop the presses on the dessert — fresh lemony palate cleanser, sweet, perfect texture!" Petrillo said.

Casadonna is open for dinner seven nights a week and they offer brunch on Saturday and Sunday.  

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