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Carlos Ponce, A Man Of Many Talents

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - With 11-year-old twins Sienna and Savannah and 10-year-old son Sebastian cheering him on, Carlos Ponce a dad, actor, singer, and TV host has a busy life.

Next week he is set to make his premiere as a TV judge on the Nuvo TV.  He is also debuting on a nightly series on Nick at Night this summer and shopping a script at Cannes for a new indie film.

"I'm thinking of changing my name to Carlos Seacrest because I'm all over the place. This summer I'm really happy to be working," Ponce said.

Splitting his time between his homes in Miami and Los Angeles, Monday night Ponce makes his debut as one of three judges on "Model Latina." The show searches for the newest Latina supermodel here in South Florida.

Ponce said for him, judging is actually quite challenging.

"It is actually at some point when you have to be very honest and when you have to use constructive criticism. For any man or any gentleman to have to say there's a flaw or something not right, that's not very comfortable," said Ponce.

"Is there a difference between American models and hot Latina models," asked CBS4's Lisa Petrillo.

"You know I'm biased. I'm Cuba Rican and I love 'the shape'," said Ponce.

Then on Nick at Night in Hollywood Heights, Ponce goes back to his roots where he's working on a telenovela in English.

"I'm playing Poppa Max, an 80's rocks star whose son is bigger than Bieber and dances like William Levy, it's awesome," Ponce said.

"Speaking of William Levy, you and I should do a dance show," said Petrillo.

"I don't want to embarrass him. He's doing so great right now. I don't want to come out with all the moves with you. It will be too sensual and steamy," said Ponce.

As they sat poolside at the Shelborne South Beach, Petrillo asked Ponce with so much going on – what would be his perfect day.

"My best day is hanging out with my 4 little angels. That's by far my perfect day," said Ponce.


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