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Car, Wheel Thieves Target West Pompano Beach Community

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Thieves are apparently targeting cars in the vast high-rise communities of Cypress Bend and Palm Aire off Powerline Road in west Pompano Beach and neighbors are putting the word out on NextDoor.

One resident posting, "Another Honda vandalized at Cypress Bend. BSO investigating."

It's not the first time thieves have targeted these two communities stealing wheels and whole cars.

A Palm Aire East resident just alerted neighbors that 'A car was stolen from building two.'

Palm Aire residents Jim and Adrienne Gustafson remember when they saw a car minus its wheels there.

"I couldn't believe someone could get the blocks under the four wheels. You see it at stock car races. Just surprised to see it in a parking lot," said Jim Gustafson.

"We had our car keyed last year and we live in a townhome. We have cameras. What else can we do?" said Adrienne Gustafson.

"The Honda Civic is the most popular one they come for. Why don't you put locknuts on your car?" resident Munir Suleman says. He once told a resident whose wheels were

Locknuts may slow a thief down but it's not full-proof.

A resident on NextDoor posting about the vandalized cars said that the thieves had 'broken into a car to get the wheel lock keys in the glove compartment.'


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