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Cameras Capture Fmr. Cop Drinking On Duty, In Uniform

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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) -- Security video shows ex-Miami Beach Sgt. Mike Muley drinking like a sailor but in his police uniform, packing heat, on-duty at a beach night club last July. The video, in part, got Muley fired last week.

Police on Wednesday released three hundred pages of documents - an internal affairs file on the incident - along with hours of video of the sergeant coiffing hooch over a six-hour shift at Mango's Tropical Cafe.

In a letter of termination Police Chief Dan Oates said Muley started with a "double vodka with cranberry…and consumed at least six drinks while on duty and in uniform."

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Muley at one point in the videos, culled from multiple businesses' security cameras, pulls up his uniform sleeve in a club and flexes his bicep before getting back to boozing.

In the wee hours, the visibly impaired cop grabs a woman and attempts to dance a jig, but too many jiggers of the hard stuff left him looking like less than Fred Astaire.

It might be amusing were it not so scary. The video shows Muley chatting with some men, then pulling his service weapon out of its holster. Witnesses said Muley wanted to show them his fast draw.

Records released Wednesday show Muley gave a sworn statement, admitting to drinking on the job.

In his letter of termination to Muley, the chief wrote, "you testified that you were a little 'buzzed' when you removed your firearm from your holster."

Muley became stumbling drunk and a worried citizen called 911.

Muley was a once-decorated officer. In a 2012 interview, he recounted a violent attack that he repelled, possibly saving his life and the life of two other officers.

But amid the music and flashing lights of South Beach, the sergeant drank himself out of his job.

"Your reckless behavior…while on duty…compromised the safety of the citizens of Miami Beach," Chief Oates wrote in the letter of termination.

It is possible Muley might never work in law enforcement again. The state could move to revoke his law enforcement certificate.

The officer's attorney said on Friday that Muley has been dealing with stress and health issues and that he will appeal his dismissal through binding arbitration. The attorney said a neutral third party will find that Muley's career of distinguished public service more than counters one night of bad judgement.

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