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Calls Continue For Cuban Embassy In DC To Be Shut Down

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Calls continue for the Cuban embassy in D.C. – opened during the Obama administration – to be shut down.

On Tuesday, conservative leaders demanded freedom for Cuba outside the U.S. Capitol Building.

"They're not saying we need aspirin. They're not saying we need remittances. They're saying we need freedom. Libertad. Libertad!" said Rep. Mario Diaz Balart.

The American Conservative Union of CPAC held a press conference and rally in front of the U.S. Capitol to demand action from the Biden administration against the communist regime in Cuba.

Several of the speakers, including Congressman Carlos Gimenez, have direct ties to the island.

"I was born in Cuba. At 6 years old, I remember being indoctrinated. Yes, at 6 years old they start to indoctrinate you. And when my father found out that they were trying to indoctrinate me and brought me and my sister and my family to this great country," he said. "And I was lucky. I was lucky to be brought here by my parents. But 11 million people in Cuba are not so lucky."

On Monday, thousands marched to the Cuban embassy in the nation's capital, calling for its closure.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott echoed the cries of the protesters, asking for the president to speak up.

"He needs to get out there and talk about what's going on. He should be the one that's doing these press conferences saying we are the beacon of freedom. We want liberty in Cuba. Cuba is the reason for instability in Latin America," he said.

Many feel the sanctions announced by the Biden administration last week against Cuban officials are merely symbolic and will have no impact on the Cuban government.

They want the U.S. to spearhead an international effort to bring democratic reforms to the island.

Prior to Tuesday's event, Scott took to Twitter asking for President Joe Biden to stand up for freedom and to meet with Florida's members of Congress to "discuss what the U.S. must do to end Cuba's oppressive rule."

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