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Buying The Right Computer

The IBM personal computer was introduced way back in 1981, and touched off the computer revolution. Today, the US Census reports that almost 80% of all American households own a laptop or desktop computer, and almost 65% of American households own some type of handheld computer - a pad or tablet computer. Those numbers mean a lot of people own more than one type of computer. It's a lot easier to do that now than it used to be - computers have gotten a lot more powerful and the prices have dropped and dropped and dropped.

What's right for your next computer? A desktop, laptop or tablet?

It might look like laptops have taken over. You see people using them everywhere now - restaurants, coffee shops, in the mall. The big attraction with a laptop is real mobility with a real computer. After getting used to the laptop mouse, the slightly smaller keyboard and screen size, the laptop becomes their main computer. Laptops are the number one item driving overall computer sales right now - and laptops can start under $200!

Think about some facts before deciding to buy a laptop:

  • The same level of computing power will usually cost more in a laptop than a comparable desktop computer.
  • The smaller monitor size is okay for many projects, but detailed spreadsheets, graphics work, and even a lot of movies leave something to be desired when viewed on that smaller screen.
  • Separate mouse and keyboard options for laptops are hot sellers, especially for laptop users who rely on them as their main computer. That lets you know that many users would prefer the full-size versions if possible.

This leads us to the desktop. It's been around for a long time and there's a lot to be said for a dedicated device. You get more power per dollar with a desktop. You can also pick the keyboard that works best for you as well as the monitor you really like, and the mouse that feels best. Because you're going to have this desktop in one location, not only will everything be set up in that area, but you can also run it wired via Ethernet directly to your modem. Desktops can run via Wi-Fi but that Ethernet connection can almost always provide the fastest speeds.

At the end of the day, you can use a laptop in front of the TV if you want, and that would be pretty cumbersome with a desktop computer but that desktop can be set up to maximize your ability to do serious work when you're ready to have at it!

Now, tablets - there are some really powerful ones, but a lot of people choose to have them in addition to their main computer. Tablets can be a great introduction to computers for kids, too: there's a tablet line called Nabi that are built tough and age specific for children. Nabi has great controls for parents to limit what your child can access, too. They're Android-based devices, and you can get one - pretty inexpensively.

At the other end of the spectrum, tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and the Apple iPad are powerful computers in their own right. Plus, you get portability, optional cellular access in addition to Wi-Fi - which means there's almost nowhere you can't be online. They are easy to use and there are lots of useful apps from Android and Apple. The touchscreen features of tablets really create converts - it's very intuitive and fun. The screen size and pixel technology on today's tablet devices means entertainment options look absolutely stunning. You can spend up to a thousand dollars for a really quality tablet device, and people really love them. The biggest problem a lot of people have with their tablets is ever putting them down!

If you'd like to try a tablet on for size without a big investment, there are tablet devices starting around $30! For internet surfing and portability it's not a bad investment. Manufacturers have noticed the tablet revolution, and that's why today you can also get touchscreen features on desktop computers, or get a device like the Microsoft Surface Pro or other hybrids that combine tablet and laptop features. You can have a full functioning laptop, or remove the screen for a true tablet experience.

Computers have come a long way since the introduction of the IBM PC back in 1981, and today you've got lots of powerful choices - and lower prices to match your needs and your lifestyle. Here at BrandsMart USA, we love talking computers and helping you choose a desktop, laptop, or tablet system. Come by to look at all the options. We're here to help! Discover the BrandsMart way.

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