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Bulletproof Backpacks: Body Armor Maker Creates Protective Panels In Case Of School Shooting

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – You have heard of bullet proof armor for law enforcement and our military.

What about bulletproof armor for your children? A local school is encouraging parents to buy armor for their kid's backpacks. It's for protection just in case of a school shooting.

Business is booming at Applied Fiber Concepts in Hialeah.

Owner Alex Cejas makes the bulletproof vests law enforcement and soldiers wear daily. His latest product though, he stumbled upon by accident.

"I've been manufacturing body armor for 25 years. And when I started my own company about three years ago, I decided to put my panels in my kids' backpacks. Just, again, what I do, so I might as well give them an extra piece of safety," Cejas told CBS4.

Bulletproof Backpack
The zippered spot in front of the straps is where the panel slides in. (Source: CBS4)

It is really simple to use.  Just open your backpack and slide the panel in. Cejas puts the backpack straps over his shoulders. Instead of the bag on his back though, it is covering his chest.

"The children are taught to do this. Wear it as a shield and it serves its purpose," he explained.

The armor weighs about a pound and will stop a handgun. It will not stop not an assault rifle.

Cejas' kids carried the panel in their backpacks to Florida Christian School for years.  When the school learned about it, they inquired.

"They decided to offer it to the parents of the school," he said.

Florida Christian declined to speak with CBS4 about the decision.

Since media learned about kids carrying bulletproof backpacks, the school has been inundated with media coverage.

After the story went public, Cejas said parents and schools have been calling.  All of them are interested in how they can get their own bulletproof backpacks.

When asked if ever thought he would be selling panels to protect kids he told CBS4, "No, I really didn't."

Cejas believes it's a necessity though.

In the wake of school shootings, it's like a helmet for a biker, insurance for a car, bulletproof plates for grade school.

"The world has become a really insecure place, even in schools," he said "And so, again, another insurance policy towards protecting our children," he said.

The backpack armor goes for about $120. For more information on this go to:

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