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BSO Employee Busted for Giving Cellphone to Jailed Pharmacy Robber

When Broward Sheriff's Office Detention Technician Kiara Walker wanted advice on what type of gun to buy, she turned to someone she thought would know -- inmate Dietrick Johnson.

And she knew how to reach him, Broward Sheriff's detectives say, because she smuggled him a cell phone.


According to an arrest affidavit, Walker, 21, wrote a text message to Johnson saying a .380 "is cute and feels gud n my hand but the glock 27 feels gud 2."

Johnson replied, "wat about the bby 9ml"

Investigators say Johnson -- in another text message -- asked Walker to send him photos of her.

"Bae send me some hot pics. Kiara walker im heavy in love with you," reads one text message.

Walker is accused of sending Johnson a close up shot of an unknown black woman wearing panties and another photograph of an unknown black woman's vagina.

Throughout the texts revealed in the affidavit, Walker appears nervous about the relationship.

"I cnt c u scared," she wrote.

And according to detectives, Walker had good reason to be nervous. Two fellow jail technicians texted her on October 2 warning her about bringing cell phones into the jail.

"...they might start shaking us down at the scanner 4 phones don't know if they are going 2 do it at other jails be careful," one of the technicians wrote.

A fellow inmate of Johnson's informed a detective about Johnson's cell phone and other contraband -- an ignition device (three batteries bound by plastic with wires attached) and a spare cell phone battery. Investigators found the items hidden inside Johnson's toilet. Johnson refused to tell a detective who provided the items to him.


However, Johnson's Bible held a clue. Inside, the detective found Walker's personal cell phone number written on a piece of paper.

A check of Johnson's cell phone records revealed that the pair spoke by phone several hundred times over a 3-week period, including while Walker was on duty at BSO's Main Jail.

Walker also knew, according to a detective, that Johnson had a violent and extensive criminal history.

"She was well aware that he was a very dangerous individual and she knew he was arrested for multiple armed robberies," said Detective Joe Kessling.

On Friday, Johnson was sentenced to 50 years for  taking part in a series of armed robberies that terrorized employees and patrons in pharmacies in 2007. Members of that group, as we've reported on CBS 4, have been investigated in connection with the unsolved murder of Broward Sheriff's Sergeant Chris Reyka in a Walgreen's parking lot in August 2007.

"We've got a lot of leads that we're looking at" in the Reyka case, said Sheriff Al Lamberti. "Obviously his name has been mentioned in that among with other people."

Walker is charged with introduction of contraband into a detention facility, official misconduct and use of a two-way device. Johnson is charged with possession of contraband.

Walker has also been suspended without pay pending termination.

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