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Broward teen's passion for writing helps motivate others to read: Miami Proud

North Broward Prep student's love for writing helping others
Miami Proud shines light on North Broward Prep student Lila Drowos 02:02

FORT LAUDERDALE -- A Broward County teen who has a passion for writing is also helping other kids follow their dreams.

Lila Drowos, is a 13-year-old seventh grader at North Broward Prep, and has always loved to write.

"Since I was really little I love to write little picture books," she said. "And my teacher helped me at a different school at the time I was writing picture book called 'The Adventures of Super Victor.'"

Her book named Carl's Side is about an orphan who runs away from his uncle to go looking for his parents. He ends up in a parallel fantasy world, where he meets a lot of creatures who help him along his journey.

"Some are good," Lila said. "Some are bad."

Her English teacher, Jon Fishman, proudly helped bring Lila's book to life. 

"Kids are amazing that if they want to do something they could do it," he said. "And Lila is a perfect example. She wanted to write. She wanted the story she want to get the story out at published.

Lila has already sold hundreds of books and is donating all the proceeds to help benefit a youth literacy group.  

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