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Broward Students Weigh In On Next Year's Lunch Menu

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POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) - The Broward County School District held a tasting Friday at Pompano Beach High School to help determine what will be on school menu's next year.

A group of 200 students from Ramblewood Elementary and Middle School sampled new food items that the District is considering offering next school year as part of its School Breakfast, National School Lunch and Supper programs. This year's tasting menu included teriyaki chicken sliders, black bean burgers and picadillo.

"The chicken patties, they're delicious," said student Victor King.

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During the Food And Nutrition Services Annual Food Show, students were able to taste 35 new food options and give feedback. They rated each option using iPads that were set up around the cafeteria.

"The chocolate chip waffle, it tastes really good," said fourth grader Amiyah Hoppwood. "They should really serve that."

The Broward School District serves more than 145,000 meals a day. The schools' nutritionists want to make sure the district is following federal health guidelines while also keeping the food kid-friendly.

"We come under the requirements of the National Food School Lunch Program, which currently has very high standards," said Darlene Moppert with the Broward School District's food services. "Our entrees and our total meals must be within certain calorie ranges and fat ranges to keep it in compliance with dietary guidelines. The challenge as we went into some of the changes-- like the 100% whole grain-- is finding food that the kids will like."

District vendors provide the latest products, while Broward County Public School registered dietitians review the nutritional value for the products and new recipes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates what is served in schools, mandating the offering of appropriate servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and high quality proteins.

The winner of Friday's taste test will be piloted at different schools around the district. If they make the cut, they'll be on the menu next year.


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