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Broward School Board Approves Sex Ed Overhaul

FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The Broward County School Board approved and overhaul to sex education on Tuesday.

In less than a minute, the school board unanimously approved the overhaul. With that the Broward School district adopted a whole new way to talk about sex.

A modern take on sex education designed to ensure students in Broward County are receiving the same level of education as those elsewhere in the country.

"The Family Life and Human Sexuality policy ensures all students are receiving the same level of education as their counterparts in other parts of the country; sexual health education that truly works to help stem the tide of high HIV and AIDS cases in our community," said Planned Parenthood's Cory Neering in a statement.

Accurate and appropriate information some students say they aren't getting.

"When I go through my sex education, I'm learning about how to define STDs where they come from, instead of how to protect myself from them," said student Kristin Sanders.

The new comprehensive curriculum aims to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and  teen pregnancies through prevention learning and access to contraception.

"Policies that have been in place in the past have been abstinence only and have not been LGBTQ friendly of scientifically based with evidence," said student Mario Lopez.

From kindergarten to fourth grade, kids will learn about anatomy and personal safety.

For Fifth grade through 12th, sexual health topics will range from abstinence to HPV vaccines, dating violence, sex abuse prevention, sexting and social media.

"There's not gonna be a taboo about anything. Everyone's gonna be able to open up, ask questions and get the info they need to make these decisions because some parents aren't giving them education at home,"said student Keyanna Suarez.

"A policy that not only talks about abstinence but also addresses many of our young people who are sexually active. I think this policy empowers them, I think it helps them make mature responsible decisions," said Cory Neering of Planned Parenthood of South Florida.

The new policy will kick in next year.

Parents will get a copy of the curriculum before school year starts. If parents believe the topic should be up to them to discuss, you can opt your kids out of the lessons.

Broward County ranks first in the nation for AIDS cases and is second only to Miami-Dade in HIV infections. Estimates show that 60 percent of HIV positive young people do not know their status.

Broward's school district is the sixth largest in the nation.

Studies have shown that students who are equipped with medically accurate information are more likely to remain abstinent. They are also more likely to use protection when they do become sexually active, helping to prevent teen pregnancy. Public opinion polls consistently show that more than 80 percent of Americans support teaching comprehensive sex education in high schools and in middle or junior high schools.


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