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14-Year-Old Twin Brothers Lead Basketball Charge At Christopher Columbus High School

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - At 14 years old and standing well over six feet, Cameron and Cayden Boozer look like they were built in a basketball lab.

"Both of our parents, they're both tall. My dad is 6'9", my mom is 5'10" and they both played D1 sports. My mom played volleyball, my dad basketball," said Cameron Boozer.

Their dad played more than D1 hoops. He's former NBA superstar Carlos Boozer. So between two athletic parents, it's easy to see where their basketball pedigree and love for competition comes from.

"It's definitely competitive because we're always trying to fight to be the better player obviously. So it's definitely a competitive spirit," said Cayden Boozer

You may have seen them before. Cameras often caught the Boozer family in the crowd whenever the Miami Heat and Chicago bulls met in the playoffs.

"I think there's a video of them wearing Bulls jerseys. We're saying 'Let's go heat!' That's definitely a funny moment that I'll always remember," said Cayden Boozer.

As freshmen, these twin brothers are now sparking new hoop memories and leading the charge at Christopher Columbus High School. That's where a special connection on the court is turning heads. Cameron, at 6'8", is averaging a double-double, and Cayden, a 6'4" point guard, always seems to know where his brother is on the floor.

"I know where he wants the ball, I know what places he likes to be at. So I feel like it makes it easier for me to be a point guard and get him the ball," said Cayden Boozer.

"I know his game very well, you know, growing up with him my whole life. So something like that, I know where he wants the ball, I know where his spots are. So I feel like we do a great job of finding each other in those places," said Cameron Boozer.

If you're asking are these guys really that big of a deal at 14-years-old, well let's put it this way, we weren't the only camera crew at practice. Columbus, once known more for football and baseball, could become a basketball contender with three more years of the Boozer twins suiting up.

"That's like a big thing for me. Building a name for a basketball at school. Hopefully like when we're gone the school will still be building and building and we'll become a basketball powerhouse," Cameron Boozer said.

"Obviously, it's not all the responsibility on us two because we have a great team this year. We really play really good together. So I feel like the connection we've made with our teammates has helped us just play well this whole season," said Cayden Boozer.

Their goals this season with Columbus are obviously to go on a state title run, but over the next few years dreams will get as big as they are. Cayden says he not only wants to make it to the NBA but wants to be successful there as well. While Cameron hopes to be a McDonald's All-American and follow in his dad's footsteps to the NBA as well.

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