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Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck Team Up For Tour

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Beach Boys fans will be listening to  those classic top 40 hits that have been around since the 60s--but still sound great today--on Friday night at Hard Rock Live.

The iconic group will be joined onstage by guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck, formerly of the Yardbirds, who also appears on Wilson's upcoming album. He'll be doing a solo set before joining The Beach Boys onstage.

"It's a musical moment, an iconic moment that really never happens," said lead Singer Al Jardine.

"It may be a little mysterious pairing us together but music is music," said Beck.

The collaboration comes as Wilson, Jardine, and original Beach Boys' guitarist David Marks embark on their own journey.

Mike Love and Bruce Johnston split from their former band mates, now billing themselves as "The Beach Boys" when they perform.

Wilson and Jardine didn't talk about that, instead Wilson focused on the positive and what he hopes concert-goers will come away with.

"I would hope they would  come away saying that experience is one they want to do again," said Wilson.

Their concerts have always been about the music, without the gimmicks and high-tech bells and whistles many of the younger artists use now.

They said that Miley Cyrus type onstage antics are definitely not for them, but they're not judging..

"The shock value of it when you're in your  20s, you'll  do something and look back and say I wish I hadn't have done it - but you do it, I can't really judge that," said Jardine.

Wilson and Jardine, both 71, and 69-year-old Beck have been recording and performing for years.

There was a time when Wilson, plagued with mental health issues, didn't like going on tour and skipped them with other musicians taking his place.

"It gets better all the time. Why? Because we love our music. The more we play the better we are."

Friday's show is on at 7:30pm. For ticket info:

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