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Last Flight Out Of Brazil Makes It To Miami Before Coronavirus Restrictions

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The last passengers from Brazil straggled into Miami International Airport before stringent coronavirus restrictions kicked in.

The scene during the last couple of days at the Sao Paulo Airport was a scramble for non-U.S. citizens to get into the U.S. before the ban on flights out of the coronavirus-ravaged country goes into full effect.

Flight 1102 left Brazil Wednesday night at 11 p.m. Got into Miami this morning and when passengers got off the plane, Andre Carbello says, "They took the temperature. Did the whole form thing. Ten people at a time off the plane."

Passenger Angelo Pace says, "Since March, we have been trying to get flights back home. No flights, nothing available."

LATAM is the only airline flying between the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo and Miami on Friday. On Thursday, one flight arrived in South Florida.

Passenger Nancy Silva says, "We have 25 people in the airplane only."

Silva says, "I think it was the last flight yesterday to the United States. They don't have any more flights."

Until now the temperature checks were reserved for only those arriving from Europe.

This was the first flight that was tested and passengers are supposed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The travel ban impacts non-U.S. citizens who have visited Brazil in the past two weeks.

It exempts U.S. Citizens, permanent U.S. residents, and their spouses. As well as, all commerce and trade.

Silva says, "...I have friends, they have coronavirus in Brazil."

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