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Nine-Year Old Boy Celebrates End Of Cancer Treatment In Style With Ride In Lamborghini

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- It's not uncommon to see an exotic car driving through the streets of Miami so the yellow Lamborghini that pulled to a stop in North Miami Beach did not look too out of place.

The reason it was there however was truly special.

It was there for Jake Kapplen, a 9-year- old boy who just finished 10 months of cancer treatment, and the sports car was there to surprise him, his family, and a few friends with a ride.

Jake Kapplen  in Lambo
Jake Kapplen in Lamborghini (CBS4)

"Jake was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2019. It was an aggressive cancer treated with chemotherapy and radiation. He endured a little over 10 months of treatment," explained Jake's mom Marisel Jarrin.

She and her mom took Jake to Heroes Hangout, a place where he and other cancer patients can come to play and connect with other kids going through the same thing.

Silvia Vanni is the founder.

"This is a magical place for them. It's a place where they can come and they are safe. They can play with other kids that are going through the same thing as them," she explained.

That's what Jake and his friends thought they were doing on this day at the hangout.

Instead, he and his family were treated to a ride in the yellow Lamborghini thanks to the hangout and Ride2Revive.

They were also escorted by the North Miami Beach Gold Police Car.

North Miami Beach Gold Police Car
North Miami Beach Gold Police Car escorts Jake Kapplan (CBS4)

"At first I was shocked, but then I got used to it," Jake said when asked what it was like to see the car pulling to stop in front of him. "I was surprised," he added.

He was happy to go for a ride but everyone else there was thrilled that his cancer treatment is finished.

"To finally reach that end, to be able to say I'm cancer free, this is my last chemo. There's no celebration in the world that can own up to what it means," said Vanni.

For this celebration, at least it means Jake can leave cancer behind and start moving forward. He's just doing that with a little style on this day.

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