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Boy diagnosed with leukemia to wave checkered flag at Dolphins Challenge Cancer

Boy battling cancer to wave checkered flag at Dolphins Challenge Cancer
Boy battling cancer to wave checkered flag at Dolphins Challenge Cancer 02:37

MIAMI - Since 2010, the Dolphins Challenge Cancer has raised more than $64 million for local cancer research; and, on Friday, we hear the story of a little boy and his battle with cancer.

Five-year-old Malachi Jenkins is smart, funny and energetic.

But several years ago, his mom Meghan Jenkins says he was not the same.

"He was two years old. He was sick and I started noticing that he wasn't as active as he usually is he was more laggy so I called his pediatrician. I thought he had covid, so the pediatrician told him to take him to the emergency room" said Jenkins.

Hours later, they received the devasting news that their baby boy was diagnosed with leukemia.

They began treatment immediately. They stayed in the hospital for 2 and a half months and never left. 

"There were a lot of ups and downs some days he was good another week he would be bad and now we're finally at this point that he rang the bell and he's officially cancer-free.'

Malachi received most of his treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer's Pediatric Oncology clinic, Alex's Place that's where he got better.

"I started to feel happy when I saw Jalean, I started to feel great I was feeling great," said Malachi.

Malachi is talking about Jalean Phillips Miami Dolphins linebacker who stopped by Alex's Place to deliver gifts for the holidays.

A memorable experience when he needed it the most. 

"He's still a kid but he's doing a lot of stuff that as adults we couldn't and the fact that someone is there that he sees as his best friend... this boy is able to help the process and process those emotions. Jalean is his boy."

Malachi's mother tells us his port will be removed very soon and on Saturday, he will be waiving the checkered flag at the finish line of the Dolphin's Challenge Cancer which he is very excited about.

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