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Borders Books Liquidation Sales Begin

MIAMI ( – If you're looking for some great deals on books, then you should check out Borders Books because liquidators are starting going-out-of-business sales Friday.

Borders went belly-up Thursday, but still has roughly between $350-400 million in unsold merchandise to sell.

Initial sales will be up to 10 percent off at local stores. Discounts will increase as inventories dwindle.

The sale packed the parking lot of the Borders Books in Kendall.

"I think it's a shame. I think it's another end result of the economy," said attorney Mari Corral about the Borders closing.

The discounts had some people carrying out bags of books Friday.

"I'm always here to get kids books; and I thought I'd go crazy today," said book lover Danielle Dipero.

The evolution of online book sales and e-book readers like the Kindle and iPad are being credited as having sparked Border's demise. Borders was slow to embrace it, unlike their competitors. But, some people think the demise of large book stores could benefit some.

"It might be good for the kind of smaller mom and pop stores that are being pushed out by the larger national stores," said reader Mike Litke.

Felice Dubin owns is one of those owners. She owns an independent bookstore in Coconut Grove. She may see a slight uptick in business, but said brick and mortar bookstores are going to survive.

"Even though you have iTunes you still have your CD stores," Dubin said. "Books will never die."

Dubin believes the bookstores just need to be on the cutting edge of technology...and have good coffee.

So what about you? Do you still buy from bookstores? Answer in the poll below.


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