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Body Found In Lake On Campus Of Fort Lauderdale's Dillard High School

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) - An investigation is underway after a body was found floating in a lake on the campus of Dillard High School.

The body was spotted in the lake, which is between the school and football field, just after 7:40 a.m. It was discovered by a bus driver as kids returned to school after the holiday break.

"The bus driver, after she dropped off the children, as she was exiting noticed the body floating in the water and notified police," said Detective Tracy Figone.

"It's scary because for one it's on the school campus and the school is joined with the elementary school back there," said Nadia Blair.

She and other parents gathered along the fence bordering the lake and waited for more information. This was the first day back to class after the holiday break.

"So for kids to be coming back to school after vacation and seeing this, it terrifies me as an adult so I can just imagine them being kids, you know, I wouldn't want to be going to school and seeing something like that," said Blair.

Divers eventually were able to get the body out of the lake.

The question investigators have is how did the person get to the lake in the first place? There are two fences.

"The campus is secured, the lake is secured by a fence. When investigators walked the lake this morning all of the gates that you open, they were all secured," said Figone.

Aside from concern about their children, parents say the whole thing is sad.

"You only can hope for the best, but someone's family is going to be sad and upset for New Year's once they find out the identity of the body," said Genesie Homes.

The school is open and operating normally.

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