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Bizarre Fight Ends With Ear Bitten Off

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - A strange fight last month at Beach Place in Fort Lauderdale is getting big play on YouTube.

First, we see Jon Lindeman walking, with Joesph DiDanato following. Suddenly, you see DiDanato grab Lindeman.

"There was these two guys outside," said witness Tyler Balcer. "And it looked like they were bear hugging or something and a crowd people around them."

WARNING: Graphic Video

mike tyson move done on ft lauderdale beach spring break 2012 ear bite off by james dreads on YouTube

They're not bear hugging, investigators said DiDanato was actually biting off Lindeman's ear! And he did a good job, he bit clear through.

Then an all-out brawl began on the sidewalk. Bloody and missing an ear Lindeman and DiDonato were going at it. At the same time, Balcer notices a bunch of people looking at something on the ground.

"I go look and they're all staring at an ear on the ground!" said Balcer, "like just a chunk of an ear with teeth marks and everything."

An off-duty officer arrived and hit Lindeman with a Tazer during the commotion. Police quickly learned Lindeman was actually the victim – and DiDonato was the suspect.

At this point, the big question is still why? What caused one man to chomp off the other's ear.

"My mind was blown!" recalled Balcer. "I was like, what?! How does this even happen! "

After the fight, police said DiDanto walked away. Investigators eventually caught up with him and charged him with aggravated battery.


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