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South Florida Jewish Community Concerned Over Bizarre Encounters

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – South Florida's Jewish community is on edge over the odd behavior of two women.

"These two people came into one of the temples in the community. One, if not two, walked inside the temple," said Yona Lunger of the two Middle Eastern women in question.

A police report shows two women pulled up in silver Nissan Altima to Beth Israel at 770 W 40th St.

The driver remained silent while the passenger was standing just outside the car.

The woman that was standing outside the car asked, "Did you have services already?"

The people they engaged replied, "Yes."

Then the woman asked, "When are you saying Yizkor?"

The men found the question unusual because Yizkor is a prayer that is only used a few times a year such as Yom Kippur.

They replied, "We only use it a few times a year."

The woman then asked, "Do you also get together during the week?"

They replied, "Yes, in the evenings."

The man questioned didn't think anything of the whole incident until the following evening when his mother told him about a similar incident occurred.

Lunger, who is involved with the independent security agency that patrols the heavily Jewish neighborhoods of North Miami Beach, is very concerned about the women's actions.

A picture of what appears to be two Middle Eastern women who walked into several temples and engaged with temple members has circulated in community websites and newspapers.

"Showing the Koran, asking certain questions that raised concerns, enough to alert the police department," said Lunger.

A similar incident occurred in Miami Beach.

Again, two women pulled up in a car and asked similar questions about meeting times and services.

The police department issued a statement on the issue:

"North Miami Beach Police are in receipt of a suspicious incident at a temple in North Miami Beach. We ae working with multiple agencies to identify the people involved."

Lunger said it has set off alarms.

"Yeah, especially with what is going on in the Middle East, worldwide, international, London, France, Paris, everywhere," he said.

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