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Big Retailers Filling Up Shelves With Holiday Gear In August

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Kids just started school, daytime temperatures are still scorching hot, yet some stores have brought out the holiday merchandise for shoppers to peruse and, they hope, buy months ahead of Christmas time.

All 45 Sam's Club stores across the state of Florida, Michaels in Kendall, and Hobby Lobby in Davie are just some of the retailers in the holiday spirit—in August.

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Sam's Club in Doral, since August 18th, has a 1400 square-foot area dedicated to Christmas; with indoor and outdoor lights for sale, tree ornaments, wrapping paper, ribbons, and candles lining shelves.

The store manager in Doral said competition is tough during the holiday season but right now—in late summer—there is no competition.

"They [customers] get so excited. It's like an excitement, or 'wow' factor that hits them right away," said Bruce Siddens.

But some believe bringing out the holiday goods for shoppers five and a half months early is overkill.

"I think it's all wrong because it doesn't even have the spirit of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is going out of it. It's all about merchandising and marketing and money and selling stuff," said Edwin Collins of Miami Lakes.

Some customers revel in taking advantage of the early Christmas shopping say it's all about saving time--and money.

One Christmas shopper told CBS4 it was already his second time in a week making purchases from the Christmas aisle and he'd probably be back again before the week was over.


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