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Better Together job fair helps previously incarcerated, others get jobs

Better Together job fair helps previously incarcerated, others get jobs
Better Together job fair helps previously incarcerated, others get jobs 02:34

KENDALL -- For Shawn Dhaniram, this is the beginning of a new life.

"I came out here really to get a better opportunity," said Dhaniram.

Dhaniram is one of the hundreds of people who came to Miami Vineyard Community Church on Tuesday looking for a new job, and with the help of the folks at the non-profit Better Together, he found one in construction.

"I came from New York, tried finding a better opportunity down here the last couple of years and I've just been at a standstill with where I'm at with my job," said Dhaniram.

Better Together focuses on finding employment for people struggling to find opportunities. 

While the job fair was open to everyone, the non-profit aims to help previously incarcerated people get a second chance.

"Individuals who have been formally incarcerated have so many barriers to getting employed. So, what we're doing today is bringing down all those walls that are put up for individuals who have a criminal history," said Christy Sanchez, a project manager with Better Together.

However, not all the attendees of the Second Chance job fair have criminal records.

Some of them were hoping to find a way to provide for their families. 

"It's been hard to provide childcare and food and you know car insurance and gas and everything. It's been hard, you know, to get that done with no funds," said Lawrencia Barrett.

Barrett is a young mom who has been out of work since having her daughter shortly after she graduated high school in 2019.

She says she came into the job fair not knowing if she would find employment, but she did in hospitality.

"I got the job! I'm super excited, I'm about to cry right now," said Barrett.

Although Barrett and Dhaniram say they showed up not knowing if they would find an opportunity, they both did, and they're incredibly grateful.

For more information about Better Together and how they can help you find employment, click here.  

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