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Top Drive-In Theaters In South Florida

There's something special about a night at the Drive-In, where you can see a double feature and bring your own popcorn from home, and the kids can scream all they want without annoying someone in the next seat. Once, they were a fixture in almost every community. Now, many of them have gone dark, leaving only a handful of places to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your Ford. These places in South Florida still give you that thrill at a bargain price. There were once 180 drive-ins in Florida. Now there are fewer than 10. Visit while they're still here.
swap shop drive in

The Swap Shop Drive-In

3121 West Sunrise Boulevard
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
(954) 583-7733

It's a flea market by day, arguably the largest flea market in Florida, but what do you do with all that space after dark? You show movies, as many as 17 a week, in 14 screens. The Drive-In came first, opening in 1963 as the Thunderbird, and the Swap Shop started 3 years later. Now, the two combine to form an entertainment complex that starts before dawn and runs 'til after midnight. Unlike some drive-ins which show second run films, or hit movies after they've been in theaters, the Swap Shop drive in gets first run movie and shows them at a bargain price, $6 for adults and, a huge cost saver, just 2 bucks for kids 5-11 and free admission for kids under 5. South Florida's weather allows them to operate year round, which means movies can start earlier than summer-only drive-ins. Between the 2000 vendors, the exotic car museum, and the movies, it's easy to make a full day out of a visit.

lake worth drive-in

Lake Worth Drive-In

3438 Lake Worth Rd.
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 965-4518

This is a bit of a drive from Miami, but if you're traveling you might want to make this a stop. Owned by the same company that owns the Ft. Lauderdale Swap Shop Drive-In, this outdoor theater is much smaller, with just a pair of screens. But like it's big brother, this drive-in serves up first run movies at bargain prices. Movies are offered most nights, but not every night, so check the website or call to verify show times and features. The site also offers a flea market three days a week. The movies are far cheaper than what you pay in a traditional theater, and kids under 11 are admitted for just a few bucks.

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