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Now, More Than Ever, Learn How To Be Water Smart

Information courtesy of Water Smart Broward!, SWIM Central, and the Florida Department of Health in Broward County

The Children's Services Council of Broward reminds you, while staying at home for work and school, don't lose track of where your children are! Now more than ever, distractions can cause a tragedy in and around water. If you can't find your child, check the water first! Remember the layers of protection: Install alarms on doors leading to water, place fencing around pools, learn CPR, and remember to always be Water Smart!

Did you know drowning is the leading cause of injury death to children from 1 to 4 years old? The majority of children who drown in home pools were not expected to be in or even near the pool. Most children who drown in a home pool enter the water without the knowledge of their parent or caregiver. Children need capable, close and constant supervision, especially toddlers who easily and quickly leave a safe, supervised area unnoticed. A dedicated "Water Watcher" can help save children from death or injury from drowning.

Simple Steps Saves Lives

The loss of a child is devastating to parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives and to a community. Drowning is almost always preventable with simple steps.

Here are some ideas to start with:

  1. Parents need to talk to their child about water safety. "Don't go near a pool without an adult." This is the most important water safety conversation to have because it is so simple.
  2. If you see someone struggling in the water, don't jump in to help. Run and get an adult. And if you fall into a pool, don't panic. Turn around, find the wall and climb out or yell for help.
  3. Practice this skill in the pool with your child. Have the child practice wearing clothing to experience the sensation.

Drowning Is Quick AND Silent

  • Drowning occurs in as little as 2 minutes.
  • Irreversible brain damage occurs in as little as 4 minutes.
  • Most children who drown are out of sight for less than 5 minutesand usually with one or both parents nearby.
  • Most children die who are submerged for as little as 6-10 minutes.

For more information about water safety, please visit and

About the Children's Services Council of Broward County

The Children's Services Council of Broward County is an independent taxing authority which was established by a public referendum on September 5, 2000, and was reauthorized on November 4, 2014, which, through Public Act, Chapter 2000-461 of the laws of Florida, authorized the Council to levy up to 0.5 mills of property taxes. The role of the Council is to provide the leadership, advocacy and resources necessary to enhance children's lives and empower them to become responsible, productive adults through collaborative planning and funding of a continuum of quality care. To learn more about programs and services the Children's Services Council funds, please call (954) 377-1000 or visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Above content provided by Children's Services Council of Broward.

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