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Badly Burned Dog Removed From North Miami Home

MEDLEY (CBS4) - A dog found badly burned is taking steps toward recovery, but the Boxer-Sharpei mix, named Courage, still needs more treatment.

Miami-Dade Animal Services says the dog was taken from a home in North Miami July 10th after an anonymous complaint. The year-old dog's back is covered with burns.

"The owner was cited for the condition the dog was in and there is an ongoing criminal investigation," said Kathy Labrada of Miami-Dade Animal Services.

The dog stayed at the shelter in Medley for the past week getting wound care, antibiotics, and painkillers.

"We're assuming it's a chemical burn we don't know exactly what happened," said Animal Services Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Maria Serrano.

Labrada added, "it was something that was intentionally applied to the dog - whether to treat mange or fleas or ticks, it wasn't the right thing to do and the dog is paying the ultimate price. He's in an incredible amount of pain."

The dog arrived at the shelter without a name, but the staff started calling him "Courage" because he survived such serious injuries. Courage is frightened around people, but shelter staff says that could be due to the pain.

An animal rescue group is giving Courage a chance to keep fighting. Tuesday afternoon, he left Animal Services headed to a vet who can give him long term care.

He will also receive training to help socialize him.

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