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CBS4 Exclusive: Aventura Police Lead Effort To Find New Housing For 83-Year-Old Widow

AVENTURA (CBSMiami) -- An 83-year-old widow on a fixed income who was facing eviction from her previous apartment has a new home to live in thanks to the Aventura Police Department and numerous people who helped.

Tina Herring is now living in a 3rd-floor apartment at the Point East Drive complex after police helped her find a new one-bedroom apartment.

On Tuesday morning, CBS4's Peter D'Oench was there exclusively as the Aventura Police Chief and others who helped, were with Herring as she gave thanks.

"I am overwhelmed," she said. "Thank you so much. I am very happy. I can't believe it. There are no words for this."

When we first met Herring on May 30th, she was facing eviction because of a substantial hike in her rent and did not have hot water and electricity for a while.

The widow, on a fixed income, was in dire straights. Initially, police officer Helen Morrison and Detective Sandra Marquez helped her after her husband passed away a few years ago. They attended eviction hearings and even bought her groceries.

Herring had been living in the Biscayne Lake Garden apartments for 7 years.

Tuesday morning, Marquez was emotional when she told D'Oench, "We all have a mother or a grandmother like this who needs help and this is what we wanted to do."

Broker Associate Lana Tornheim was so moved by this story that she gave up her commission for the apartment and used it to get Herring a $400 gift certificate.

"We work very hard to give something back to people like this and this is what we needed to do," she said. "Everyone has a mother and a grandmother who needs help."

Police Chief Bryan Pegues said, "You can see the emotion that everyone has and this is what makes Aventura special is that we can help people like this in need."

Jesse James Vargas of Mattress Firm said his company also gave Herring a complete bed set worth $1,500.

"Our company has a policy of giving things back to the community and she needed out help," he said. "It was important that this person be able to have a good sleep and that is good for her health."

The Point East Drive condominium complex also helped out as well.

The celebration ended with a group photo.

"I am not going to be alone this Christmas," said Herring. "I am not. There are so many people who love me."

She smiled and looked out and then said, "Thank you."


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