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Attorney: Is Guma Aguiar In The Netherlands?

MIAMI (CBS4) - There is a possible new development in the case of missing millionaire Guma Aguiar.

The attorney for Guma Aguiar's wife, Jamie, tells CBS 4 News that they are investigating reports of Aguiar's sister, Angelika, moving to the Netherlands.

Attorney William Scherer said they have information that a close business partner of Guma Aguiar also is living in the Netherlands.

The attorney wants to know if Guma Aguiar is there, too.

Aguiar disappeared on his boat in June leaving behind a wife, 4 kids and a $100 million dollar fortune.

"It could be a coincidence but Jamie hopes there's information about her husband and that he may still be alive so we'll see," attorney William Scherer told CBS 4's Carey Codd.

CBS 4 News was unable to reach Aguiar's mother, Ellen, or her attorney for comment.

There is a fierce legal battle underway between his wife and mother for control of his estate. The latest battle is over more than a dozen properties Aguiar owns in Israel. Aguiar's mother says Guma gave her and her daughters several properties.

Scherer says the sisters have avoided being served subpoenas to give depositions in the case.

"We want to know what if anything they know about Guma's disappearance," Scherer said.

Surveillance video released by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department shows Aguiar just before he disappeared from his Rio Vista home on June 19. The video also shows Aguiar in his boat heading out to sea in rough waters later that day.

His boat was recovered hours later but Aguiar has not been seen since. The Coast Guard searched for Aguiar but found nothing.

Police say they found no evidence of foul play. They have classified Aguilar as missing.


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