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ATF Audits Sunrise Gun Store Where Parkland School Shooter Purchased Rifle

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SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – The ATF spent five hours auditing the Sunrise Tactical Supply store on Thursday and determined the weapon that Cruz used in the school shooting was purchased according to all federal and state laws.

Cruz bought the AR-15 rifle on February 11th of last year.

As per federal and county law, there was a five-day waiting period after the purchase.

Cruz returned seven days later and picked up the weapon with one magazine, which was included with the purchase of the rifle.

The attorney for the family who owns the gun shop says they had no indication what Cruz was going to use the weapon for.

Several hundred miles away, Mississippi resident and YouTube user Ben Bennight reported Cruz to the FBI after he noticed a troubling comment on one of his posts.

"I have several videos on YouTube and he commented on one of my videos that he was going to be a professional school shooter," said Bennight. "I screen-shotted that comment and sent it to the FBI."

Bennight says the FBI went to his office, took down all the information and a copy of the screen shot.

"There was no additional information about the particular time, location or further identifiers about the person who posted the comments," he said.

Bennight says he didn't hear anything until Wednesday when the FBI contacted him again and told him the shooter had the same name as the one he had reported and that they were investigating a possible connection.

At a news conference Thursday, FBI Special Agent Robert Lasky explained in further detail.

"The FBI also conducted internal database reviews and open source checks," Lasky said. "No additional information was found to positively identify the person who posted this comment. No connection was found to South Florida."


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